Retail Restaurant & Hospitality PAC

The Retail, Restaurant, & Hospitality Practice Area Committee consists of those NAMWOLF law firm members who have demonstrated a substantial practice and experience in the handling of the unique legal issues that affect restaurants, retailers, and hotels. The firm members, with their combined invaluable experience, will discuss legal developments and strategies to help overcome the challenges faced by corporate counsel. The Retail, Restaurant, & Hospitality Practice Area Committee also seeks to involve its members directly with corporate counsel in order to foster open communication and to build long-lasting business relationships. Click the link below to download the Retail, Restaurant, & Hospitality PAC flyer.

50-State Compendium on Premises Liability – NAMWOLF – 2015

Third Party Crime In The Retail And Hospitality Industry Are You Protected?

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Committee Chairs

Ashley R. Larson

Sutton Booker P.C.
303-730-6204, ext. 26

Jonathan A. Strauss

Sapientia Law Group, PLLC

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