Operational Committees

The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms has five committees. Members are appointed by the Board of Directors. New members can be appointed throughout the year. If you have any comments, suggestions, or helpful information, please feel free to contact the Committee Chair(s).

Nominating Committee

Mission: The Nominating Committee shall have all responsibility for identifying and nominating potential Board members for Board of Directors’ consideration. To the extent practicable, the Nominating Committee shall consider geographic and ethnic diversity as well as diversity of legal practice. How to Join: By invite only. Please contact Robin Wofford for additional information.


Jamie Rudman,

Finance Committee

Mission: The Finance Committee shall provide direction to the Board of Directors for fiscal responsibility. As part of its regular duties, the Finance Committee will regularly review the Organization’s revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments, and other matters related to solvency; prepare the annual budget for the Board of Directors’ approval; ensure the maintenance of an appropriate capital structure; and oversee the maintenance of policies for the prudent management of organizational finances and investments. How to Join: By invite only. Please contact Lisa Love for additional information.


Eileen Letts,

Advocacy Committee

The NAMWOLF Advocacy Committee is a closed committee appointed by the NAMWOLF Board of Directors and co-chairs who work on the committee in conjunction with NAMWOLF Chair of the Board of Directors John Murdock and CEO Joel Stern. The Committee’s dual mission is: (1) to advocate nationwide for the greater inclusion of minority and women owned law firms; and (2) to serve as legal counsel to the NAMWOLF Board of Directors.


Seth Bryant,
Ignacia Moreno,


Events/Meetings Committee

The Events/Meetings Committee lays the foundation for the NAMWOLF Driving Diversity and Leadership Conference and the Annual Meeting. The Committee works to select locations for upcoming meetings, guide programming and other important elements of the events. Its leadership is imperative to the success of the meetings, and it works to make sure NAMWOLF continues to raise the bar with its events. How to Join: By invite only. Please contact Jane Kalata for more information.


Jane Kalata,

Valerie Matherne,

Communications Committee


Stacy Fode,

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