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The Products Liability Practice Area Committee (PAC) is a collaborative group of seasoned, respected and effective attorneys with a broad range of experience in product liability matters. Our PAC attorneys, located in all major U.S. geographic areas, have helped clients resolve a myriad of legal issues from pre-litigation counseling about product recalls to complex, mass tort litigation and class actions. Our experience encompasses numerous industries including, but not limited to, the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics, food and beverage, wearing apparel, electronics, manufacturing, industrial equipment, appliances and outdoor products, toys, recreational vehicles, construction, oil and gas, chemical and health industries. The Products Liability PAC aims to develop and foster mutually beneficial relationships between its member firms and corporations/entities in need of cost-effective solutions to product liability matters. The PAC also serves as a resource to member firms and corporations/entities for up to date substantive law and continuing legal education.

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Committee Chairs

Kaitlin E. Preston

Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP



Rachael Wallace

Stokes Lawrence

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