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The Intellectual Property Practice Area Committee includes a group of law firms and attorneys having a focus on all aspects of intellectual property law. The IP Practice Area Committee was organized to foster collaboration with its members, and to provide a resource to other non-IP NAMWOLF attorneys and law firms as well as a resource for corporate counsel desiring opportunities to work with NAMWOLF firms on IP-related matters. The IP Practice Area Committee’s member firms have significant experience in all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, data rights, computer/internet/privacy law, and other IP-related areas including prosecution, litigation, licensing, and transactional matters. The IP Practice Area Committee strives to facilitate opportunities for corporate entities and NAMWOLF member firms to develop mutually beneficial partnerships to advance the goals of all parties. Furthermore, the IP Practice Area Committee provides continuing legal education (CLE) programs, organizes corporate on-site meetings, and works on policy and other initiatives to further advance NAMWOLF’s goals and to help establish practical relationships and engagements with corporate counsel and within the IP bar as a whole.

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On Tuesday, September 21, 2021 from 3:00pm – 3:15pm EST, please join the NAMWOLF Intellectual Property Practice Area Committee for the June 2021 “Hot Topics” presentation. “Hot Topics” is intended to be a fifteen-minute discussion on a topic of interest and will serve as an introduction to the IP PAC and its attorneys.

This month, please join us for “Prosecution Laches: The Defense Still Lurks, Like the Submarine Patents it Addresses.”  Prosecution laches is a defense against submarine patents – patents intentionally delayed in the Patent Office so they can lurk beneath the surface until they eventually emerge and surprise the relevant market. The defense also lurks, surfacing when needed to protect the patent system from intentional gaming. The defense recently surfaced in two separate computer tech cases, showing its continuing potential to torpedo offending patents.

In this month’s IP PAC Hot Topic, Culhane Meadows’ Lawrence Kass will lead a discussion of these two tech cases and touch on an earlier case in the life science context. We hope you’ll join us for a discussion of this unusual but interesting defense!

Our monthly PAC call will immediately follow the 15-minute presentation.

Committee Chairs

Heather Heft

Schoeman Updike Kaufman & Gerber, LLP

B. Delano Jordan

 Jordan IP Law, LLC



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