Retail Restaurant & Hospitality PAC Forms

Who should use the forms on this page? 

The forms found on the bottom of this page are for the use of Retail Restaurant & Hospitality PAC (“RRH PAC”) members ONLY. Members should use these forms to submit updates and firm profiles for inclusion in PAC’s marketing materials. To review the last produced versions of these materials, click here:  Last-produced PAC Directory | Last-produced PAC Interactive Map

If your firm is already listed in the last produced marketing materials (linked above) and the information is correct, no action is needed. 

Two-Page Firm Profiles

Members are encouraged to provide a Two-Page Firm Profile for inclusion in the Directory. See examples in the back of the PAC Directory linked above.

When will I see my changes reflected in the materials? 

RRH PAC materials are updated twice a year. Once, for use at the Driving Diversity & Leadership Conference (formerly known as the Business Meeting) every February and once for use at the Annual Meeting & Law Firm Expo every September. You may submit a form at any time, but unless approved by one of the RRH PAC’s Co-Chairs, the materials will only be updated in preparation for the meetings. Special exceptions can be made, so please contact the RRH PAC Co-Chairs if you feel your firm’s info needs to be updated immediately. 

Deadline for inclusion

Only changes from form submissions that are received before the deadline are guaranteed for inclusion in the print materials disbursed at the next NAMWOLF event. The deadline for submissions for the 2024 Annual Meeting is July 19th.  

Dimensions for firm profile:

8.5″ x 11″ (NO BLEEDS)


Now, let’s get you to the right form.

New PAC Member Directory Form  or  Returning PAC Member Directory Form

or   Interactive Map Form


If you are a returning PAC member who wishes to update their general firm information or upload a new One-Page Firm Profile please complete this form. The only required field is the Firm Name field. Please only fill in the fields you wish to update—all other fields can be left blank.









Interactive Map

Please fill out this form to be included in the RRH PAC’s Interactive Map. If the current version of the map (which you can find on the PAC landing page) already has the correct information, there’s no need to fill this out again. Please only use this form if your firm is not yet included in the map or if you need to make updates to your firm’s information. If you are updating your information, please only fill out the required fields and the fields that pertain to your changes. Leave all other fields blank. The deadline for the DDLC is 2/11/22.