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In-House FAQs

If you don't see your question addressed below, please contact Jane Kalata for more information. 

In-House Counsel from some of the Nation’s leading corporations attend our meetings, as well as NAMWOLF's Law Firm Members and Business Partners.

Registration is free for In-House Counsel.

Your Company can get involved in several different ways:

In-House Counsel can be involved in several different ways:

  • Attend a NAMWOLF Event
  • Participate on the Advisory Council. The NAMWOLF Advisory Council has been established to serve as a consultative and advisory body, providing valuable input to the Board of Directors on matters related to the mission, objectives, and goals of the association. In addition, the Advisory Council provides the means for discussing and evaluating NAMWOLF affairs and provides the opportunity for reporting on, exchanging ideas about, and evaluating the activities and programs. To join please contact Jane Kalata.
    • Who serves on the Advisory Council?
      • In-House Counsel and Diversity Officers from major corporations and government entities.

To find a law firm member you can do a search on the NAMWOLF Website here or submit a Firm Inquiry form for more specific information requests. 

Corporate members, Law Firm Members and Business Partners can reach out to Jane Kalata at for assistance with posting jobs.

Yes, you can fill out a form, and we can do a survey of all of our firms and provide detailed responses for your needs.  Click here to fill out the Firm Inquiry form to begin the solicitation process.