International Law PAC

The International Law PAC will concentrate on cross-border matters of all types, including litigation, transactional, and regulatory matters. The PAC would provide a forum for its members to communicate and exchange interpretation and development of laws and policies governing international litigation, arbitration, and forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), as well as cross-border transactions across the spectrum of investments, provision of goods and services and financing. In addition, the PAC would serve as a platform for its members to cultivate best practices, to address current issues, and to build relationships with one another. The international law area is a recognized area of specialization in the legal profession, and numerous legal organizations schedule events or seminars whose entire agendas are aimed at the practice of international law, including the American Bar Association where there is an International Law Section.

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Committee Chairs

Lisa Savitt

The Axelrod Firm

Larry R. Schmadeka

Lee, Hong, Degerman, Kang & Waimey (LHDK&W)


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