“The more you’re in Detroit, literally the more you fall in love with it.” – Kelly Burris, founder of Burris Law

In February of 2016, Kelly Burris decided to become an entrepreneur and establish her own intellectual property law firm. The hardworking business community of Detroit drew her to the city, but it was ultimately the people and their collaborative spirit that have kept her and Burris Law here all these years.

This video is a love letter to the City of Detroit from Burris Law, and it features some of their favorite people, organizations, and companies that have helped make this city their home for the last 7 years.

They would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the following people and organizations that helped make this video possible.

Melannie Chard, owner of M Contemporary Art
CYNTHIA MAXWELL, STEM lab manager at Wayne State University
Matt Hokanson, outreach coordinator at Wayne State University  
Brian Peterson, founder of Bees in the D
Jessica Hauser, executive director of the DBG Detroit (Downtown Boxing Gym) Official
Khali Sweeney, owner of the Downtown Boxing Gym
Simone DeSousa, owner of the Simone DeSousa Gallery 

Video produced by Russell Video Services, Inc. and Jaffe

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