Frequently Asked Questions

Inclusion Initiative FAQs

If you don't see your question addressed below, please contact Jane Kalata for more information. 

NAMWOLF provides no-cost administrative support and access to certified minority and women owned law firms for Inclusion Initiative companies. Please contact Joel Stern or Jane Kalata  if you have any questions.

Major companies wishing to join the Inclusion Initiative must have a history of legal diversity efforts, commit to a significant calendar-year-stretch goal of spend with diverse law firms and participate in ongoing collaborative efforts to advance the goals of the Inclusion Initiative. Please contact Jane Kalata for more information. There are no individual or law firm members in the Inclusion Initiative.

The Inclusion Initiative started in 2010 with 11 companies.

The Inclusion Initiative is a collaborative effort of 32 forward-looking companies committed to an immediate and measurable increase in the retention of minority and women owned law firms by Corporate America.