Blackwell Burke won a landmark victory for 3M Company in the federal Bair HuggerTM Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) securing the dismissal of one of the ten largest MDLs in the country. The MDL court dismissed the more than 5,000 cases against 3M after it entered summary judgment for 3M and granted the firm’s motion to exclude the opinions of the plaintiffs’ experts.  Measured by the number of cases dismissed, the firm’s summary judgment win represents one of the largest-impact defense wins in history.

“From the beginning, our strategy has been to keep the focus on the science,” said Firm CEO and founder, Jerry W. Blackwell. “That started with conducting a Science Day to educate the judges and continued through the three-day Daubert hearing, trial, and the motion for summary judgment.  The medical and scientific communities have rejected the plaintiffs’ theories, and now the courts have as well.  We are thrilled that we were able to achieve this terrific outcome for 3M.” Read More>>

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