Labor & Employment PAC Forms

Deadline Approaching

August 7, 2023

Any firm wishing to update its info or submit updated Firm Profiles for inclusion in the marketing materials being prepared for the 2023 Annual Meeting must do so by using the form(s) provided on this page.  

Who should use the forms on this page?

The forms found on this page are for the use of Labor & Employment PAC (“L&E PAC”) members ONLY. Members should use these forms to submit updates and firm profiles for inclusion in PAC’s Interactive Map/Directory. To review the last produced version of this document, click here:  Current Interactive Map/Directory

One-Page Firm Profiles

Members are encouraged to provide a One-Page Firm Profile for inclusion in the Directory. See examples in the back of the Directory & Interactive Map Combo doc linked above.

Can I email my updates/firm profile instead of using a form?

To ensure that your information is included in the PAC’s marketing materials accurately, please use the forms and do not send any additions, changes or updates by email. If for some reason a form does not function properly you may email your updates and firm profiles to

When will I see my changes reflected in the materials?

L&E PAC materials are updated twice a year. Once, for use at the Driving Diversity & Leadership Conference and once for use at the Annual Meeting & Law Firm Expo. YOUR CO-CHAIRS WILL EMAIL YOU WHEN A NEW VERSION IS READY FOR REVIEW OR DISTRIBUTION. You may submit a form at any time, but unless approved by one of the L&E PAC’s Co-Chairs, Lisa Lawson, or Laurie Sherwood, the materials will only be updated in preparation for the meetings. Special exceptions can be made, so please contact the L&E PAC Co-Chairs if you feel your firm’s info needs to be updated immediately. 

For any form-related issues please contact

Please click the option that best describes your firm to expand the proper form.