2017 Business Meeting Agenda

Time Event and description Other info

11:45A.M. - 4:30P.M.

Board of Directors Meeting

5:30P.M. - 6:30P.M.

Board of Directors Cocktail Reception:

All attendees are welcome to attend and mix and mingle with the NAMWOLF Board.

10:00A.M. - 5:30P.M.

Registration and Vendor Expo

9:00A.M. - 12:00P.M.

Amazing Race Around Fort Lauderdale 

Join us as we do a mini version of The Amazing Race! The Emerging Leaders created this fun, lively and interactive networking session two years ago and it has become one of the most popular events. You will be assigned a team and be given a list of tasks to complete. The first one back to the MARRIOTT HARBOR BEACH is the winner.

12:15P.M. - 1:30P.M.

Luncheon, Featuring The Walmart Ready Program 

Join Walmart attorneys Rick Hammond and Julie Gibbens and other Walmart attorneys in an informative discussion of the Walmart Ready Program. This Program is designed to help our NAMWOLF firms be better positioned to understand Walmart and its culture and ultimately win business. A few NAMWOLF attorneys who have participated in the Program will also be on the panel discussing the benefits of the program for both in-house and our NAMWOLF firms.


Rick Hammond, Senior Associate General Counsel, Employment Division, Walmart
Julie Gibbens, Associate General Counsel, Walmart

1:40P.M. - 2:40P.M.

Law Firm Member ONLY Meeting

1:40P.M. - 2:40P.M.

Legal Department Deep Dive In-House ONLY Session: 

Join representatives of MasterCard and Allstate to have an open discussion regarding their use of NAMWOLF Law Firms.

2:50P.M. - 3:50P.M.

Alternative Structures to Increase Utilization of NAMWOLF Firms (Law Firm Member Only Session): 

NAMWOLF Board Members, Law Firm Members and outside experts present concrete methods to increase your bottom line.


Janice Brown, Brown Law Group
John Murdock, Benton Potter & Murdock
Lisa Love, Love and Long, L.L.P.
Sarah Perez, Perez & Morris
George Schell

2:50P.M. - 3:50P.M.

In-House ONLY Session Breaking the In-House Code: Tips and Tricks of the Trade 
Sponsored by: MIHCA

Join Keri Lindsay & Heather Fine of Major, Lindsey & Africa to discuss career development strategies such as resume drafting, LinkedIn, networking philosophies and the importance of mentorship to enhance and support your overall professional growth. Learn the best tips and tricks on building an in-house career from the experts!


Keri Lindsay, Major, Lindsey & Africa
Heather Fine, Major, Lindsey & Africa

4:00P.M. - 5:15P.M.

NAMWOLF Law Firm Cross Marketing Session (Law Firm Member Only Session) | Using the NAMWOLF Firms to Effectively Bridge the Gap Between National Council and Local Counsel

5:20 P.M. - 6:00P.M.

Retail Restaurant & Hospitality Practice Area Committee Business Meeting

5:20P.M. - 6:00P.M.

Trials Practice Area Committee Business Meeting

5:20P.M. - 6:00P.M.

Intellectual Property Practice Area Committee Business Meeting

5:20P.M. - 6:00P.M.

Insurance Practice Area Committee Business Meeting

6:15P.M. - 7:15P.M.

Cocktail Reception

8:00A.M. - 9:20A.M.

Welcome Address: Fort Lauderdale Mayor, John P. “Jack” Seiler 
General Session: How Rainmakers Sell Professional Services


Jeffrey Fox, Fox & Company, Marketing Consultants

9:30A.M. - 10:15A.M.

Advisory Council Business Meeting (In-House ONLY Session)

10:15A.M. - 10:55A.M.

Inclusion Initiative Meeting (In-House ONLY Session)

9:30A.M. -10:55A.M.

Law Firm Management Session: Solutions to All Your Problems

9:30A.M. - 10:55A.M.

Emerging Leaders Session

The Art of Rainmaking: Do’s and Don’ts / Part II: This panel will look at best practices with respect to winning, growing and retaining business with in-house counsel. It will also examine practices that may appear positive from the law firm’s perspective but are not received favorably from in-house counsel.


Rafael Andrade, Emerson Electronic
Bruce Jackson, Microsoft
Robert Harrison, ADT
Janice Brown, Brown Group
Jennifer Miller, Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel LLP

11:05A.M. - 12:20P.M.

Labor & Employment Practice Area Committee CLE Headline News:

Join the Labor & Employment PAC for a newscast program providing up-to-date coverage on the NLRB’s “squeeze” on private employers; the rise in whistleblower claims and Sarbanes Oxley regulation on corporate America; and the current state of the law on whether your company’s arbitration agreement is enforceable on employment claims. The news anchor will provide a brief report on these important topics and interview experts from various NAMWOLF law firms for commentary.


Sherrie Boutwell, Boutwell Fay LLP 
John Bosco, Leon Cosgrove, LLC 
Thy Bui, LTL Attorneys
Barbara Johnson, Benton Potter & Murdock
John Ferguson, Schmoyer Reinhard LLP
Holly English, Nukk-Freeman & Cerra, P.C.
Danny Ramirez, Monty & Ramirez LLP
Kimberly Hensley, Nationwide



Brian Lerner, Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP

11:05A.M. - 12:20P.M.

International Law Practice Area Committee CLE | Planning and Managing Cross-Border Litigation: 

This CLE will address issues arising in the context of cross-border litigation, including issues relating to choice of local council, discovery, navigating cultural impediments, and enforcement of judgements.


Sandy Bequette, MasterCard 
Allen W. Chiu, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.
Daniel Flemming, Wong Fleming



Alan C. Chen, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP

11:05A.M. - 12:20P.M.

Financial Services Litigation Round Table Discussion and Action Plan Development | How the Financial Services Litigation Practice Area Committee Can Best Meet the Needs of In-House Counsel

12:25P.M. - 1:50P.M.

Luncheon & Advocacy Award Presentation

Welcome Address: Broward County Mayor, Barbara Sharief
Featured Speaker: Douglas A. Kelly
Sponsored by: Sanchez & Amador, LLP

Featured Speaker:

Douglas A. Kelly, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation 

2:00P.M. - 3:15P.M.

RRH PAC CLE: Avoiding Penalties & Headlines | Compliance and Enforcement of Existing Laws Under the New Administration:

Implications of compliance and enforcement of existing laws under the Trump administration, including the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) , Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and other compliance laws and regulations that impacts employers.


Jacob M. Monty, Managing Partner, Monty & Ramirez LLP
Robert Spajic, Partner, Gordon & Polscer LLC
Rafael Medina, Managing Counsel, McDonald’s Corporation

2:00P.M. - 3:15P.M.

Transactional PAC CLE: Doing Business with Cuba | The Future State of Business in Cuba:

Over the last 18 months, the United States has eased US regulations governing business between the United States and Cuba. It is anticipated that such actions will lead to a significant increase in commerce between the two countries. Please join us to learn about the current state of US regulations, the potential and pitfalls of doing business with Cuba and how to prepare your company for the current and potential future opportunities, as well as whether any scaling back is expected under the new administration.


Patricia Hernandez, Avila Rodriguez Hernandez Mena
& Ferri LLP
Tim Reckart, Rusing Lopez & Lizardi
Paul Bances, Head of Latin America and Caribbean, MoneyGram International

2:00P.M. - 3:15 P.M.

Intellectual Property Practice Area Committee CLE | Determining the Value of IP Assets in Infringement Claims: Determining the Value of IP Assets in Infringement Claims: The Effect of the Changing Law and Changing Technology on Damages Recoverable in Actions for Patent Infringement

In the past decade changes in both the law and technology have altered the damages that can be recovered in actions for
infringement of intellectual property rights.


Alicia Rood, Schroder Joseph & Associates, LLP
Vijay Toke, Cobalt Law, LLP
Bryan Webster, Senior Counsel, Microsoft

3:20P.M. - 4:35P.M.

Trials Practice Area Committee CLE | Parachuting – Jumping in at the Last Minute: 

The Trials PAC will cover best practices and strategies for trial attorneys who are called upon to step in and take over a case that is headed for trial.


Joyce Gist Lewis, Shingler Lewis LLC
Patricia Kinaga, LTL Attorneys LLP
Stuart Tonkinson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Sloane S. Perras, The Krystal Company & On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina



Gary T. Lafayette, Lafayette & Kumagai LLP

3:20P.M. - 4:35P.M.

Insurance Practice Area Committee CLE | Won’t Get Fooled Again: The Real CSI – Cyber Security Insurance:

This CLE will offer a technical explanation on how cyber breaches occur and what data security purports to do. There will also be insight given on the liability of data breaches discussing some key cases and standards. We will also discuss coverage relating to data breaches and offer key cases and policy options. Finally, we will have our panelists discuss trends affecting data breach litigation and insurance coverage.


Marlon Fetzner, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, LatAm New Markets, The Microsoft Corporation
J.P. Harrington Bisceglia, Attorney, Christian Dichter & Sluga, PC
Janeen N. Lofton, Attorney, Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo

3:20P.M. - 4:35P.M.

White Collar Practice Area Committee CLE | Anatomy of an Attorney General’s Investigation:

Many times our NAMWOLF investigations panels cover federal actions, but much less often we cover state actions. Thus, from the unique perspective of former Assistant Attorneys General, and former Assistant District Attorneys, and possibly Public Defenders, we plan to discuss practical considerations corporations should take into account when they are contacted by AG’s and DA’s offices for investigations. Issues such as tone, approach, understanding of office priorities, resources, as well as many others will be covered.insight given on the liability of data breaches discussing some key cases and standards. We will also discuss coverage relating to data breaches and offer key cases and policy options. Finally, we will have our panelists discuss trends affecting data breach litigation and insurance coverage.


Tony Schumann, Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.
Thor Inouye, Pugh, Jones & Johnson, P.C.

4:40P.M. - 5:40P.M.

Marketing Best Practices Presents: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That | 10+ Creative Marketing Tools to Save You Time and Money:

From creating presentations and newsletters, to analytics and beyond, get ready to take your marketing to the next level! The Marketing Best Practices Committee will discuss the latest tools that will help you not only make your firm look great but also save you time and money.

6:00P.M. - 7:00P.M.

Cocktail Reception


Dine Around by PAC/Industry

8:00A.M. - 8:45A.M.

Labor & Employment Practice Area Committee Meeting

8:00A.M. - 8:45A.M.

Transactional Practice Area Committee Business Meeting

8:00A.M. - 8:45A.M.

International Law Practice Area Committee Business Meeting

9:00A.M. - 12:30P.M.

Law Firm Members, Is Your Pitch Perfect? 

NAMWOLF Law Firm Members will have the opportunity to give a 15-minute “pitch” to a panel of in-house counsel and other industry experts. Once the presentation is complete, the law firm will obtain feedback on its presentation and how its pitch can be improved. In-house counsel are invited to watch in the audience and provide additional feedback. Detailed information will be emailed to Law Firms in preparation for this great session.