Compliance & Investigations PAC Forms

Deadline Approaching

August 7, 2023

Any firm wishing to update its info or submit updated Firm Profiles for inclusion in the marketing materials being prepared for the 2023 Annual Meeting must do so by using the form(s) provided on this page.  

Who should use the form on this page? 

The form on this page is for the use of Compliance & Investigations PAC members ONLY. Members should use this form to submit their firm’s information for the next draft of the PAC’s marketing materials. The current version of your PAC’s Map/Directory can be found here.

When will I see my changes reflected in the materials? 

PAC materials are updated twice a year. Once, for use at the Driving Diversity & Leadership Conference  every February and once for use at the Annual Meeting. You may submit a form with updated firm info at any time, but unless approved by one of the PAC’s Co-Chairs your new information will only be implemented once it is time for a scheduled update of the marketing materials. Special exceptions can be made, so please contact the  PAC Co-Chairs if you feel your firm’s info needs to be updated immediately. 

Form submission deadline for 2024 DDLC

Only submissions that are received before the deadline are guaranteed for inclusion in the materials prepared for next NAMWOLF event. The deadline for submissions for the2024 DDLC is TBD. 


Compliance & Investigations PAC Member Form