Vendor Spotlight

Connex Intl.

By: Debora Volansky, Connex Intl.

We all face trials throughout the day.

Collaboration shouldn’t be one of them.

Connex Intl. is proud to be a NAMWOLF partner for the past four years. We were first introduced to this great organization by our attorney, Amy Miletich, who is still an active NAMWOLF member. As a women owned company ourselves, we quickly identified with the NAMWOLF mission. We also actively seek alliances with other women and minority owned businesses. Our goal remains constant: to create mutually beneficial relationships that help drive strong business results.

“Like Connex, NAMWOLF is a great organization with great people,” say Connex CEO and owner Deb Volansky. “We appreciate our partnership and look forward to continuing our support of NAMWOLF in the future.”

For over three decades, Connex has been recognized by our clients as a leader in providing customized and reliable audio, web and video conferencing solutions. Our tools have provided the means for NAMWOLF members to:

Collaborate with the partners, co-counsel and clients easily and effectively.
Create on the fly sidebars during your conference call by using our sub-conferencefeature, eliminating the need to disconnect and redial.
Control unwanted background noise (sirens, barking dogs, etc.) by muting any or all of your participants in real time.Simplify client invoicing through the charge back process by allowing you to enter a client number or matter code either BEFORE or AFTER your conference ends.
Virtually review reports with expert witnesses.
Conduct depositions, testimonies and interviews online.
Hold webinars to train and educate staff and/or clients without the time and expense of travel.
Record and transcribe important meetings and conference calls.
In addition to helping its members, Connex works directly with NAMWOLF to provide their key conferencing services. This year, we worked with the NAMWOLF leadership team to add quarterly Town Hall meetings for their members. Our DirectRSVP solution allows people to register and receive confirmations and reminders of the upcoming event. This solution also provides a convenient way for NAMWOLF members to ask their questions or give general feedback directly to the NAMWOLF leadership team.

Connex has also developed a special Partner Program, just for NAMWOLF members. When you sign up for any of our audio conferencing solutions, not only do you get proven service at great rates, but Connex donates 5% of your spend directly back to the NAMWOLF organization. To find out more about this program, go to

Our team is available to help you determine which solutions will best fit your needs. You can reach us at 866-217-1634. We look forward to helping you!

Debora Volansky is the CEO and owner of Connex Intl., a certified member ofthe Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) since 2009. Deb started with Connex as an entry level Conference Coordinator, and quickly advanced her career to include positions such as Trainer, Account Rep, Director of Operations, Vice President, President and eventually CEO and owner.