The Vendor Ambassador Program

The Vendor Ambassador Program

By: Denver Edwards, Bryant Rabbino LLP, New York, New York

Vendors are integral to the success of the programs and events that NAMWOLF offers to its member firms and in-house counsel partners. Put simply, vendor sponsorships help to defray costs and enable NAMWOLF to reduce the cost to in-house counsel so that they can attend NAMWOLF events. In exchange, vendors are able to market their products and services to their target audience – NAMWOLF firms and corporate law departments.

NAMWOLF created the Vendor Ambassador Program (“Program”) during the 2015 Annual Meeting. The goal of the Program was to be more intentional about ensuring the vendor experience was positive and to show NAMWOLF’s commitment to vendors’ continued support. NAMWOLF paired eighteen attorneys or Ambassadors, with 26 vendors. The Ambassadors contacted the vendors before the Annual Meeting to answer questions, explain what to expect to new vendors, and reiterate points that the NAMWOLF team had communicated to vendors.

At the outset of the Annual Meeting, Ambassadors met with their assigned vendors to ensure that they felt welcome. During the meeting Ambassadors answered questions and facilitated introductions to NAMWOLF members and in-house counsel. After the Annual Meeting, Ambassadors contacted vendors to solicit feedback on each vendor’s experience and to request comments and suggestions regarding how NAMWOLF may improve the vendor experience.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. One vendor commented, “Fantastic event. Impressed by the management and coordination of the meeting, while ensuring that your sponsors and supporters remain a priority.” Another vendor wrote, “Thankful for being treated well and enjoyed the venue and the event.” Another offered, “Honored to be at the Annual Meeting and found it to be a wonderful experience.”

The Vendor Ambassador Program was successful. However, NAMWOLF cannot rest on its laurels. We plan to continue the Program at future meetings and continue to think of creative ways to ensure that we communicate value to our vendors, sponsors, and the NAMWOLF community.

Denver Edwards is a litigation partner at Bryant Rabbino practicing in the area