Three Quick Tips to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

By: Mayra A. Jimenez, Marketing Coordinator at AlvaradoSmith, Orange County, California

Submitted on behalf of the Marketing Best Practices Committee

Tip No. 1: Who are you? Use your professional headline, the description directly below your name on your profile page, as a tagline and branding tool. While LinkedIn automatically populates your professional headline with your current position, you can edit it to add value to your profile. It is not compelling or descriptive if it simply states your job title. Use your professional headline to communicate the type of attorney you are and what industry or practice area you work in. How would you find yourself through a Google search? How would you find your competitors? How would you stand out?

Tip No. 2: Grow your network. If you need an excuse to reach out to an old client, colleague or friend, connect with them on LinkedIn. When you add people to your network, it sends a default message reading “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Stand out by taking a few minutes to personalize your message with a short note. Ask what’s new with them, tell them a bit of news about yourself, and tell them you’re looking forward to getting reconnected. Not only will you make a good impression, you are likely to get a response.

Tip No. 3: Be a thought leader…it’s easy! Becoming a thought leader starts with posting status updates. The Share an Update area invites you to communicate what’s new in your work life, including news about relevant industry trends, events you’re attending, articles you’ve written, and whatever else you’re passionate about. If you find an insightful article, share the link with your audience through a post. This will establish your profile as an information hub offering your unique take on popular content. Try to set goals for yourself, such as updating your status once a week so you don’t become invisible. Finally, don’t be afraid to color your updates with some personality. Your accomplishments make you a skilled attorney, but your personality makes you an attorney people will want to work with.

Happy Linking!