Support NAMWOLF Through The National Development Committee

By: John Murdock; Benton Potter & Murdock; Washington, D.C.

Happy New Year from the National Development Committee! The 2015 sponsorship campaign was phenomenally successful in dollars raised, number of corporate, vendor, and law firm sponsors, and the feedback that we received from vendor sponsors about their NAMWOLF experience and return on investment. Credit goes to so many people, including the NAMWOLF staff team, members of the Development Committee, NAMWOLF in-house counsel members who encouraged their companies to sponsor, NAMWOLF law firm member attorneys who encouraged their firms to sponsor, and each of you who encouraged vendors to sponsor. Also, kudos to our Vendor Ambassadors who established a one-on-one relationship with vendors and made sure that vendors had every opportunity to connect with NAMWOLF members to show their services and other offerings.

As successful as last year’s sponsorship campaign was, we are optimistic that this year will be even better. We have gotten off to a very good start on the 2016 sponsorship campaign and are more than 25% further along at this point than we were same time last year on sponsorship dollars. In addition to our historical sponsorship development strategies, we have some new initiatives that may bring great returns, including a Global Sponsorship pilot program for some of our returning corporate sponsors, and PAC (NAMWOLF Practice Area Committee) webinar sponsorship opportunities for vendor sponsors. These initiatives are sure to generate excitement.

We hope to see all of you at the Business Meeting in New Orleans in February, and that you will plan to attend the Development Committee session scheduled for Sunday of the meeting from 4:15-5:15. There you can learn more about what the Development Committee is doing and how you can join in. See you soon!