The editors of the NAMWOLF Newsletter sat down with Annual Meeting Co-Chairs, Will Delgado (W) and Mark Tarango (M), to talk about the upcoming Annual Meeting in Hollywood in September. This is a partial transcript of that talk…..

Q. Okay, biggest question first: how is the planning going?

W. Stupenderrifically which, you might not realize, is a real word. You should totally use it next time you play Scrabble. Triple word score on that and the only other word you’ll need to spell for the rest of the night will be “B-O-S-S” because that’s what you’ll be playing like.

M. This is what I have to put up with on a near daily basis. It’s absurd.

W. True. But in a totally boss sort of way.

M. The planning is going really well. The schedule is set, the speakers are set, the General Counsel panel is set. At this point, we just need to fine tune some of the details.

Q. Have there been any hiccups along the way?

W. [Knocking on wood] So far, not really. I mean, right up front, we had an issue with an ill-fitting Jedi costume because I had no idea Mark descended from Norse mythology. But we made it work, and our trailer was probably funnier as a result of that fact.

M. Seriously, no real hiccups but that’s primarily because the NAMWOLF staff is so awesome and has everything under control.

Q. What can you tell us about the venue?

W. It’s in Hollywood.

Q. Anything else?

W. Why spoil the surprise?

M. The venue is the Loews Hotel at Hollywood & Highland. It’s a great spot. You have a ton of iconic Hollywood attractions nearby, like the Chinese theater, the Walk of Fame, and El Capitan. And the hotel itself is fantastic, not to mention the annex space that we are totally going to take over for purposes of our conference.

Q. What are you most looking forward to?

M. All of it. The reception venues are great, the speakers are great, the CLEs are great.

W. The costumes.

Q. What costumes?

W. [Winks]

M. There will be no more costumes.

W. Of course not. Who mentioned costumes? [Winks]

Q. Will, is it possible for you to give a serious answer at any point during this interview?

W. Absolutely. Next question, you have my word, I will answer it seriously.

Q. What can you tell us about the site for the Welcome Reception?

W. We will be on a backlot at Universal Studios. We won’t know exactly which until a little closer to time. Could be “Six Points, Texas,” their Wild West set which has shown up in various shows like the A-Team, Knight Rider, and even Star Trek. Could be “Courthouse Square” where they filmed the clocktower scene in Back to the Future. Could be Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. Regardless, that opening night is going to be fun and memorable.

Q. I didn’t think you could actually be serious.

W. Sometimes, I amaze even myself.

M. That doesn’t sound too difficult. And don’t steal the Star Wars lines. Those are mine.

Q. Speaking of Star Wars, were you able to incorporate the “movies and television” theme into the conference?

M. Absolutely. Almost all of the CLE sessions incorporated a movie or television concept in the title—

W. And those who didn’t will be mocked profusely.

M. They will not.

W. Well not to their face but you know—

M. Anyway, we also have some fun ideas for how to keep the theme going at the social events, including the Gala. Overall, we’re very pleased at how that came together.

Q. What advice would you give first time attendees? Serious answers only please.

M. Bring lots of business cards. You’re going to meet a lot of people, and you don’t want to run out.

W. My advice is for all attendants: do not miss the Gala. Trust me when I tell you people will be talking about it.