Rivero Mestre LLP filed a class-action lawsuit today under the Helms-Burton Act—the first of its kind—against Cuban government-controlled entities Grupo Hotelero Gran Caribe, Corporación de Comercio y Turismo Internacional Cubanacán S.A., Grupo de Turismo Gaviota S.A., and Corporación Cimex S.A., among others.

The Helms-Burton Act provides Cuban-Americans, whose properties in Cuba were illegally confiscated by the 60-year Castro dictatorship, a right to sue foreign entities that wrongfully trafficked in their properties. The Act also provides a plaintiff with treble damages against a defendant who had prior notice of the claim.

Andrés Rivero, Jorge A. Mestre, Carlos Rodriguez, and Ana Malave of Rivero Mestre along with their co-counsel, Manuel Vazquez P.A., seek relief for a class of U.S. nationals whose hotel properties in Cuba were wrongfully taken from them by the Castro dictatorship and subsequently exploited by the Spanish hotel chain Meliá Hotels International and its subsidiaries. Read More>>

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