The litigation team at LimNexus helped to defeat claims by 17 bellwether plaintiffs who alleged they had been harmed by stray voltage supposedly coming from an electrical substation owned by utility Southern California Edison Company. After seven years of litigation, LimNexus, in partnership with Munger Tolls & Olson, defeated all the claims of each plaintiff, including claims for negligence, negligence per se, intentional infliction of emotional distress, nuisance, trespass, inverse condemnation, fraud and concealment, and assault and battery. This was done by substantially excluding testimony of plaintiffs’ experts and then filing summary judgment motions. The bellwether plaintiffs are part of a larger group of over 80 plaintiffs living in a neighborhood near the substation seeking substantial damages from SCE, including punitive damages. The Court granted SCE’s motions for summary judgment, finding that the plaintiffs and their experts were unable to scientifically support their allegations that the utility’s multi-grounded system, which furnishes electricity to the neighborhood (a design used in over 90% of the country), caused them harm.

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