The Axelrod Firm is thrilled to report that the American Bar Association Woman Advocate Committee (WAC) devoted its entire summer electronic newsletter to a series of five (5) articles written by a diverse team of National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) lawyers that includes The Axelrod Firm’s Jamie L. AugustinskySheryl L. Axelrod, and Kevinn Souffrant along with fellow NAMWOLF lawyers Gerardo Alcazar, Kenneth M. Battle, Sandy Sakamoto, and Roberto Portillo Togno.  The ABA Business Law Section Diversity & Inclusion Committee jointly distributed the articles.  The theme of the series is, “Diversity: It Makes Teams Better, featuring a diverse team of writers from the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) member law firms.”  If you are a member of the American Bar Association, you can view them online by clicking here.

For non-members, the ABA has given us PDF versions of the articles to share, and they can be viewed at the following links:

  1. “Diverse Companies Out-Deliver on the Bottom Line” by The Axelrod Firm’s Jamie L. Augustinsky and Kevinn Souffrant;
  2. “It’s Been a Long Time Coming, But I Know a Change Gon’ Come” by Kenneth M. Battle and Jamie;
  3. “Diverse and Inclusive Teams: They Simply Work Better Together” by Gerardo Alcazar;
  4. “Diverse Trial Teams: A Competitive Advantage” by Sandy Sakamoto and The Axelrod Firm’s Sheryl L. Axelrod; and
  5. “Rethinking Diversity in Legal Teams” by C. Jeffrey Leung and Roberto Portillo Togno.

 Each of the articles (except the one written by Sheryl L. Axelrod and Sandy Sakamoto) was edited by Sheryl and Sandy.

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