Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney Elio F. Martinez, Jr., a named partner with the patent and intellectual property law firm of Espinosa Martinez, P.L., has been designated as an Arbitrator by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and is a member of their Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators.

 Arbitration—the out-of-court resolution of a dispute between parties to a contract, decided by an impartial third party (the arbitrator)—is an alternative to litigation that quickens the process and can reduce costs.   Arbitrators are involved in commercial disputes and practice the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution.   Member arbitrators are required to adhere to Codes of Ethics developed by the AAA and the American Bar Association (ABA). AAA panels comprise distinguished judges as well as leaders in the legal and business communities with industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Read More>>        


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