Fabiola Ortega Guzman (Plaintiff) alleges she was injured when she slipped and fell on an oily substance in the vestibule floor of a Sam’s Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Ortega Guzman claims Sam’s failed to maintain the club in a reasonably safe condition and that it failed to warn her of the oily substance on which she slipped.  The parties proceeded to trial on February 4, 2020 and, after six days of trial, the jury agreed that Sam’s was not negligent and returned a defense verdict in Sam’s Club’s favor. Ortega Guzman claimed various injuries as a result of her fall. She sought over $300,000 in past medical expenses after undergoing two lumbar spine surgeries and also claimed injuries to her knee and ankle.  Jerry D. Hamilton, Annalisa Gutierrez, and Suzette L. Russomanno comprised the HM&B trial team securing this favorable verdict for Sam’s Club. Click here to read more.

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