MWH Law Group LLP Associate aims to positively influence the city’s youth

“We are pleased to welcome Mr. Crosby to MENTOR’s Board of Directors. He is a respected and an active member of the community,” said Alicia Moore, Executive Director of MENTOR Greater Milwaukee. “Grady’s extensive experience has helped align our activities and organizational purpose.”

According to Moore, over the last several decades, mentoring programs have grown in popularity, however no single program or model will be able to address the need alone. The role of MGM is to unify the field of multiple mentorship programs in order to elevate innovative practices, set the standard for safe and effective practices, and advocate for public policies that integrate quality in all mentoring programs.

“Through this work, we will expand the capacity of the mentoring field to meet the demand and address some of the deepest challenges our city’s youth face,” said Moore. Read More>>

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