Now is the time to do everything within our power to ensure that the diversity and inclusion progress we have made in our legal profession the past ten years doesn’t slow down. Using minority and/or women owned law firms and tier 2 mbe/wbe owned legal suppliers is a crucial piece of this. Legal supplier diversity aligns perfectly with you company’s supplier diversity programs and take on even more importance now.

NAMWOLF can help you find firms that deliver outstanding quality and value in several different practice areas. Our 195-plus firms are all certified as either minority and/or women owned enterprises and doing business with Fortune 500 companies and governmental entities. Our firms have always been innovative and nimble and many have a long history of being set up to work remotely. If you know of NAMWOLF and use our firms, please continue using them and find more opportunities to work with them. If you are not aware of NAMWOLF, please explore our website, or get in touch with me directly at

For many of your organizations, D&I is a core value. Core values must not change based on headwinds. Quite the contrary, they must remain and guide companies as we all navigate through this unprecedented crises


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