Perez & Morris LLC’s founding partner Juan Jose “John” Perez was the mastermind behind the firm’s philanthropic mission. Inspired by a verse in the Bible, the business law firm supports local food pantries, provides fresh water to Indian communities and meets the needs of families both across the country and abroad.

Now championed by John Perez’s daughter Sarah, Perez & Morris has expanded upon its commitment to community. It strives to provide assistance to women and minorities, groups not traditionally involved in the legal profession. The firm has also funded 60 wells and 50 biosand filters, and those efforts have resulted in fresh water accessible to more than 27,000 people in need.

Sarah Perez led the 2019 launch of the Overcomer Foundation. This 501(c)(3) enriches communities by providing education and, through it, economic stability to single mothers. By funding child care expenses for these single mothers — and underprivileged women of color in particular — the Overcomer Foundation hopes to foster success in young professionals and inspire a whole new generation of thinkers. However, this social initiative takes things one step further, also providing a community and networking resource to its audience. By rooting these mothers in the Central Ohio community, the foundation strives to ensure individual success.

The efforts of Sarah Perez are simply a piece of Perez & Morris’ success in community outreach. The firm’s attorneys also serve on the boards of local organizations and nonprofits, encouraged by the firm to give back to the community in which they are rooted. Read more>>

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