Clients of Chen Leftwich LLP (formerly Chen Malin LLP) recently secured wins in multiple TRO proceedings in state and federal courts. The first matter involved the Firm’s representation of a Chinese gaming company. Based on allegations of trade secret misappropriation, theft of consumer data (and violation of privacy rights), and tortious interference with contracts, a Texas state court granted an ex parte TRO against the Chinese gaming company. The Firm, engaged after the ex parte TRO had been issued, argued the plaintiff had misrepresented the record. After reviewing the Firm’s arguments, the court dissolved the TRO and dismissed the case against the Firm’s client.

In the second matter, the Firm was engaged to seek a TRO in the Northern District of Texas in a breach of contract case. The case is on behalf of an ex-CEO of an acquired company against overseas billionaires and companies that they control (which included the acquired company). Although contract disputes are not customarily subject to injunctive relief, the court was persuaded that the facts justified an ex parte TRO. After an evidentiary hearing the court converted the TRO to a Preliminary Injunction in favor of the Firm’s client. #namwolflawfirmmember #legalsupplierdivesity

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