In 2016, a fire broke out in an industrial warehouse that destroyed neighboring business units, including our client’s screen printing company. While insured, the loss and damages caused by the fire were beyond the purview of coverage, requiring a civil lawsuit against the owner of the business premises where the fire originated.
AlvaradoSmith attorney Christopher Yoo prepared for a jury trial in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of the owner to recover the damages for nearly $1 million related to the fire. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, the logistics of jury trial drastically changed, as the 14 jurors, including two alternates, were spread throughout the courtroom rather than being seated in the jury box, making the presentation of evidence and trial testimonies of witnesses difficult.
Following over two years of litigation and subsequent 3-week trial, Chris and his team, using novel and improvised procedures to protect health and safety, successfully convinced the jurors that the defendant business owner was liable for the fire. This outcome secured nearly $1 million, a life-changing verdict for our client that will ensure that his small business recovers from the financial devastation caused by the fire.
With prejudgment interest and costs entitled as the prevailing party, it is anticipated that the judgment amount will exceed $1 million. Chris Yoo helps his clients prosecute and defend lawsuits. Over the past twenty years, Chris has handled thousands of cases for his clients – including hundreds of appellate matters – while developing a reputation for resolving disputes and providing solutions in a responsive, creative, and cost-effective manner. Read more:

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