There is a ton of great talent among NAMWOLF attorneys.  The NAMWOLF Advocacy Committee is looking for writers to help draft future NAMWOLF articles that speak to NAMWOLF firms’ strengths. By way of background, the NAMWOLF Advocacy Committee, ourselves, Joel Stern, and Emery Harlan, with support from a core team of writers — Jessica R. Vartanian (Lead writer), Bush Seyferth & Paige PLLC, Heather Renée Adams, Greene and Letts, Antonio Castro, Roig, Tutan, Rosenberg, Martin, Stoller, Zumpano & Bellido, and Vijay Toke, Cobalt Law, LLP – among others, authored and published its first article, “Uninvited: Counsel Lists and How They Limit Minority and Women Owned Law Firms’ Access to Legal Work.”  The piece is featured on the NAMWOLF Home page. Read more

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