Building dollhouses was not something Stephanie Scharf expected to enjoy.

She didn’t even want to do it, years ago, when her 11-year-old daughter — as 11-year-olds do — decided on a new hobby: assembling intricate miniature homes, complete with wallpaper, electricity and roofing tiles.

These aren’t houses for dolls. They are mansions for shrunken aristocrats.

Despite being a busy litigation partner at Kirkland & Ellis at the time, Scharf conceded. The mother-daughter duo failed on their first attempt at home-building, so they went to a weekend dollhouse workshop.

With her daughter, Meredith — now a second-year law student at Northwestern — Scharf spent two years’ worth of Saturday mornings building a 14-room miniature house.  

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Stephanie Scharf (left),  Ted Banks and Sarah Marmor, leaders of Scharf Banks Marmor. Hair and makeup by Tanya Renelt. 



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