On July 24th,  MCCA’s Creating Pathways to Diversity® Conference will be held in Washington DC. The event is a full-day educational conference promoting the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. It provides programs focused on global diversity, inclusive leadership and talent optimization. It is followed on July 25th with the MCCA Diversity Gala which is a great event honoring many corporate law departments from across the nation for diversity, industry leadership and achievements in their legal department diversity programs. I have had the good fortune of participating in prior MCCA conferences and awards dinner including being part of a company’s legal group that was a recipient of one of the awards.  I have so much respect for this wonderful organization that is now headed up by someone who I have so much admiration for, Joe West, who is also on the NAMWOLF Advisory Council. The conferences and galas keep getting better every year and the passion and energy in the room is contagious. I urge in-house counsel to attend and get involved in this very important space. And, for those in-house counsel already attending, I urge you and your colleagues to also come to our Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on September 21-24. We are all in this together working hard to make a difference. And, as I have said repeatedly, what the MCCA, NAMWOLF and other groups focused on diversity and inclusion in the legal space are doing is complimentary and not in conflict with each other. That message has to get out loud and clear. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year’s event since I’ll be in Columbus and then Cleveland talking to in-house legal groups about NAMWOLF but hope to be there next year. I wish Joe and the MCCA another great event!


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