Law Firm Spotlight: Johnson, Blumberg & Associates, LLC | Chicago, IL

Law Firm Spotlight: Johnson, Blumberg & Associates, LLC | Chicago, IL

Johnson, Blumberg & Associates, LLC is a medium-sized law firm with offices in several Midwest states, specializing in commercial and residential real estate default work on the creditor’s side, immigration law and regulatory work in the utility industry.

1. When was the firm founded and who are the firm’s founders?

The firm was founded in 2003 by Kenneth Johnson and Erik Blumberg.

2. Who are the firm’s current leaders and how would you describe the firm’s culture and personality?

Besides the partners, the firm’s leaders include Andrew Houha, Karla Stepter, Robert Blumberg, Shannon Cummings, and Andrew Kraemer. The firm’s culture and personality is inclusive and collaborative. Communication, we find, is very important so that the firm’s vision and goals are achieved. We strive to create a friendly work environment where diversity is paramount in all levels of our organizational structure. Our attorneys and support staff work hard to provide the best possible legal services for our clients. At the same time, the management is dedicated to bring opportunities for professional development and work-life balance.

3. What makes the Johnson, Blumberg & Associates, LLC team so special?

Mutual respect between management and staff has created a familial environment within a professional law firm setting. The JBA team is different from our competitors because we prioritize diversity not only among shareholders but also among all attorneys and support staff. Our employees speak over ten different languages and come from different cultures, geographical regions, and religions. Our attorneys are highly qualified graduates of many of the nation’s leading universities. Our intensely trained staff provide exceptional customer service in a high technology paperless environment

4. What are the firm’s significant areas of practice?

Creditor’s rights, complex commercial and general litigation, bankruptcy, immigration, real estate and regulatory affairs for utility companies.

5. How did your firm become interested/involved in NAMWOLF? When and why did you join?

We joined NAMWOLF in February of 2017 because NAMWOLF’s industry reputation is without peer and many existing clients encouraged us to join. We are grateful that we did as we have already met many talented individuals inside the organization and from member firms.

6. Why is diversity important to your firm?

A diverse workforce fosters respect for all cultures and a diversity of views enhances our competencies. Making diversity a priority empowers us to recruit from larger talent pool based on skills, experience, and qualifications; strengths that we pass along to our clients in our work product and creativity. Diverse ideas result in creative problem solving and a wider range of life experiences on which to build the culture of the firm and the services we can offer. Our dedication to a diverse work environment reflects our commitment to being good citizens as well as an exceptional law firm.

7. What has been your involvement with NAMWOLF? For how long?

Although we are a new member of NAMWOLF, we are proud to be actively involved in the organization. Our attorneys participate in various PACs such as Financial Services, Labor and Employment, and Trial. We are actively preparing three different CLE/ Webinars for this year, and our attorneys co-chair the Immigration Subcommittee of the Transactional PAC.

8. What is your commitment to community service?

The firm is engaged in numerous pro bono activities. Currently, Ken Johnson serves on the CEO Council for Chicago United and the Board of Link Unlimited Scholars, LLC. Additionally, both partners are involved in LINK Unlimited’s Youth Mentor Program, that mentors African American high school students and prepares them for college and life beyond. Both organizations are dedicated to diversity and inclusion in business and education. Furthermore, the firm participates in community seminars and Know Your Rights presentations. JBA’s attorneys volunteer in numerous pro bono projects throughout the City of Chicago for organizations such as Chicago Volunteer Legal Clinic, National Immigration Justice Center and Erie Neighborhood Clinic. Rebecca Weininger sits on the Board of the Anti-Defamation League and is an active member of the pro bono program through the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

9. Exciting recent developments at JBA

JBA was recently chosen by Exelon Corporation and ComEd, to develop an Energy and Utility Regulation Department within the firm. We are honored to have been chosen because of our expertise and experience in banking and finance regulation and commercial transactions and litigation. Our depth in these focus areas has enabled our firm to transition smoothly into the energy and utility regulation space. With Exelon and ComEd’s tutelage and guidance, JBA looks forward to developing this Department from its infancy and being a leader in the energy and utility industry.