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Thomas & LoCicero is a boutique law firm with offices in Tampa and South Florida. Many of the firm’s lawyers are former federal judicial clerks and the firm is recognized by U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms and Best Lawyers in America.  We represent industry-leading clients in four key practice areas:  Business Litigation, Intellectual Property & Marketing, Media & Entertainment Law, and Data Privacy & Security.

BUSINESS LITIGATION:  The firm applies advanced legal analysis and exceptional litigation skills to a wide-range of complex business claims, including antitrust, unfair trade practices, breach of contract, noncompetition agreements, fraud, and civil theft.  We also defend class action lawsuits.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & MARKETING:  Thomas & LoCicero protects, registers, licenses, and manages trademarks and copyrights.  We also litigate trademark, copyright, false advertising, and domain-name disputes.  The firm vets nationwide advertising and marketing campaigns while also registering and creating rules for promotional contests and sweepstakes.

MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT LAW:  Thomas & LoCicero defends high-profile defamation, invasion of privacy, and other content-based torts on behalf of television stations, newspapers, authors, film producers, websites, law firms, and more.  We also manage a variety of transactional and litigation matters across the entertainment industry.

DATA PRIVACY & SECURITY:  We advise clients on compliance issues relating to the vast array of privacy and security laws and regulations, including COPPA, HIPAA, HITECH, GINA, GLB, FCRA, TCPA, CAN-SPAM, and the EPCA.  Our lawyers counsel clients on digital and electronic signatures, e-billing, data handling practices, and similar business-critical issues.  We prepare privacy policies for websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, widgets, interactive plug-ins, and cookies.



Tampa, FL

601 South Boulevard

Person of contact: Carol Jean LoCicero

Practice Areas

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Defamation
  • Insurance
    • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
    • Copyright
    • IP Agreements/Licensing
    • Litigation
    • Other Transactions
    • Trademark
  • Litigation/Trials
    • Class Action
    • Corporate/Commercial (Shareholder Derivative Suits, Securities, FINRA, Antitrust, Banking, Bankruptcy, etc.)
    • Insurance
    • Intellectual Property (Patent/Trademark)
  • Media
  • Privacy and Information Security/Cyber
  • Technology Transactions
    • Acquisition and Licensing of Patents, Software, Trademarks and Trade Secrets
    • Joint Ventures and Technology Development Agreements
    • Master Services Agreements
    • Social Media and Internet Law
  • Telecommunications

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Thomas & LoCicero provides the following transactional services, among others:

Pre-publication and pre-broadcast review of news stories and other content to avoid defamation, invasion of privacy, and similar claims. Facilitating access to public records and government meetings, and litigating public records, open meetings, and FOIA cases. Conducting trademark reviews and registering trademarks; managing substantial trademark portfolios, licensing trademarks, and litigating trademark and domain name disputes. Registering and licensing copyrights, and prosecuting and defending copyright infringement claims. Creating promotional contest and sweepstakes rules, and drafting affidavits of eligibility, liability releases, publicity releases, and related documents. Creating and assessing click-through agreements, analyzing children’s advertising issues, navigating social networking issues, providing counseling on FTC blogger guidelines, creating mobile marketing agreements, and providing website reviews and recommendations. Drafting website terms of use and privacy policies. Managing and conducting internal corporate investigations.



Thomas & LoCicero litigates a wide range of matters, including commercial disputes, IP cases, and defamation/invasion of privacy actions at the trial and appellate levels. Representative cases include:

Gottwald v. Geragos, et al., N.Y. County Index No. 162075/14, 2019 WL 1938517 (N.Y. App. Div. May 2, 2019).  Obtained affirmance of discovery order in representation of celebrity-lawyer Mark Geragos’ law firm in a defamation suit brought by famed music producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald.

Folta v. The New York Times Company, et al., No. 1:17-cv-256-MW/GR, 2019 WL 486776 (N.D. Fla. Feb 27, 2019), appeal dismissed, No. 19-10988-HH (11th Cir. Apr. 9, 2019).  Won summary judgment for The New York Times in defamation case involving news story profiling relationships between pubilc university professors and the biotechnology and organic food industries concerning the safety and regulation of G.M.O. food products.

Nix & DNA Sports Performance Lab, Inc., v. ESPN, Inc., et al. (S.D. Fla. 2018), aff’d 2019 WL 2142038 (11th Cir. 2019).  Won dismissal of libel action against Associated Press, ESPN, and USA Today brought by former professional baseball player.

Grigorian v. FCA US, LLC (S.D. Fla. 2019).  Obtained voluntary dismissal of indemnity and breach of contract claims against advertising agency in TCPA class action case.

Porkka v. University of South Florida Board of Trustees, No. 3:17-cv-245-J-25JRK, 2018 WL 2717235 (M.D. Fla. Feb. 16, 2018).  Obtained dismissal of copyright infringement case on behalf of state university.

State Attorney’s Office of 17th Jud. Cir. v. Cable News Network, Inc., 251 So. 3d 205, (Fla. 4th DCA 2018), review denied (Fla. 2018).  On behalf of a consortium of media companies, obtained surveillance video of law enforcement’s response to the Parkland school shooting, defeating argument that video was exempt from disclosure.

Ayers v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 2018 WL 375719 (M.D. Fla. 2018).  Obtained protective order to preclude depositions of employees that were beyond scope of discovery and recovered attorneys’ fees.

Reel v. McFarland, et al. (S.D. Fla. 2018).  No. 17-21683-civ-MORENO. Achieved voluntary dismissal of class action claims against advertising agency arising from failed Fyre Festival musical event.

Opacmare USA, LLC v. Lazzara Custom Yachts, LLC, et al., Case No. 8:16-cv-03288-VMC-JSS (M.D. Fla. 2016).  Obtained voluntary dismissal of trademark infringement and counterfeiting claims relating to famous yacht-design mark.

Tartell v. South Florida Sinus & Allergy Center, 790 F.3d 1253 (11th Cir. 2015). Convinced appellate court to reverse cybersquatting verdict and hold that plaintiff failed to establish trademark rights.

Salvani v. ADVFN PLC, 50 F. Supp. 3d 459 (S.D.N.Y. 2014).  Obtained dismissal of claims under the Securities Exchange Act against website publisher.

Medytox Solutions Inc. v., Inc., 152 So. 3d 727 (Fla. 4th DCA 2014).  Established that Communications Decency Act bars injunction against online speech.  

Gawker Media, LLC v. Bollea, 129 So. 3d 1196 (Fla. 2d DCA 2014).  Reversed temporary injunction prohibiting media from publishing explicit video of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Bainter v. League of Women Voters of Florida, 150 So.3d 1115 (Fla. 2014). Represented a consortium of media companies supporting public access to records of a political consulting firm involved in redistricting efforts., Inc. v. Mina Mar Group, Inc., 2011 WL 12506239 (N.D. Fla. June 20, 2011).  Won order declaring foreign defamation judgment unenforceable in U.S. pursuant to federal SPEECH Act.

NCAA v. Associated Press, 18 So.3d 1201 {Fla. 1st DCA 2009). On behalf of 23 leading media entities, obtained access to NCAA records Florida State University lawyers had reviewed in the course of contesting NCAA sanctions imposed on the school.

News-Press v. U.S. Dep’t of Homeland Security, 489 F.3d 1173 (11th Cir. 2007). In the aftermath of a devastating hurricane season, litigated and won access to the addresses of disaster claimants from FEMA.

Xerox Corp. v. Smartech Document Management, Inc., 979 So.2d 957 (Flo. 3d DCA 2007). Won decision ordering company and its principal to arbitrate dispute with Xerox.

Tyne v. Time-Warner Entertainment, Co., 901 So.2d 802 (Fla. 2005). On behalf of producers of the movie The Perfect Storm, established right to portray real individuals in movie without needing their approval or paying compensation.



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