Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC (Patent Attorneys)


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Willing to Act as Local Counsel

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Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC (“OL PATENTS”) – is an intellectual property law firm with the proven ability to provide its clients with high-quality and affordable patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property legal services.   The firm was founded in 2001 in Dallas, Texas, and has offices in Texas in El Paso and Dallas and in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada.  The firm represents a broad range of clients, including emerging and established companies, universities and individual inventors. The attorneys at Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC have extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property law and have prepared and prosecuted over 900 patents to issuance in a variety of technological areas.  In addition to being registered before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, the firm has attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and California.  The firm’s clients are located throughout the United States and abroad.


Albuquerque, NM

117 Bryn Mawr Dr S.E. Suite 101, Albuquerque, NM 87106


(505) 314-1310

Person of contact: Luis Ortiz

Dallas, TX

3131 McKinney Ave., Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75205


(972) 752-8812

Person of contact: Luis Ortiz

Practice Areas

  • Intellectual Property
    • Copyright
    • IP Agreements/Licensing
    • Litigation
    • Patents
  • Litigation/Trials
    • Intellectual Property (Patent/Trademark)

Firm Bio

At Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC, we can tap into more than 60 years of combined legal and professional experience to advocate for business owners and innovators. What really sets us apart, however, is our firm’s agility during more than 15 years representing its clients in a wide spectrum of intellectual property matters.  Our clients have included independent inventors, entrepreneurs, small-to-medium sized companies with no in-house legal capabilities, large corporations, and non-profilt entities including government laboratories and federal agencies.

We have obtained almost 900 issued US patents for our clients.  We also have several hundred patents pending in the US Patent and Trademark Office that we are actively prosecuting for our clients.  The technical fields we work within are diverse.  Our team’s technical backgrounds and familiarity includes the fields of: electronics, software, information technology, telecommunications, cloud computing, mobile devices, mobile device applications, mechanical systems, MEMS, nanotechnology, medical devices, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through our work, we have gained in-depth expertise, uniquely specialized knowledge, a reputation as trusted advisers, and respect for the innovation of engineers, scientists, and other innovators. We have first-hand experience with the difficulty and challenges innovators face in protecting their intellectual property in the face of a changing patent system.  We can also appreciate the burden frivolous claims have on established corporations given our prior experience as in-house counsel.  We can appreciate both sides of the equation and represent clients from differing perspectives.

Most importantly, we understand the business needs of intellectual property operations, and know that top-notch legal help is key to ensuring financial sustainability for companies, start-ups and independent inventors. We care about your bottom line, and our deep knowledge of intellectual property law allows us to efficiently deliver practical, high-quality legal counsel to our clients.

Our clients are located throughout the United States and abroad.  Although our offices are located mostly in the southwestern United States, we file U.S. and PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent applications with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office located in Alexandria, Virginia.  We also coordinate international patent filings and prosecution with attorneys and agents throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.