Emile Banks & Associates, LLC


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  • 6-10

Willing to Act as Local Counsel

  • Yes

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After many years as a leading trial attorney in a major Milwaukee law firm, Emile Banks decided to change the way he practiced law. Instead of complaining about the way the medium-sized law firm handled their clients and personnel, to the surprise of his partners, he respectfully resigned and began his own firm. Considerable soul-searching led him to create a firm more closely in line with his personal and professional values. One of the goals of Emile Banks & Associates, LLC, is to achieve the best possible results for clients at a very reasonable cost. An additional goal is to achieve it efficiently. We strongly believe that early, aggressive, and thorough preparation is the key to achieving outstanding results. We know that innovation and creativity during the litigation process is essential to achieving the best outcome. In addition, when the opposition recognizes superior trial skills and ability it typically results in outstanding resolutions for that client without a trial. Through valuable trial experiences, we have found that mediation, arbitration and other creative forms of alternative dispute resolution are effective and economical ways of resolving most disputes. For that reason, we stress early identification of cases that are best settled earlier rather than after significant defense fees have been incurred. Our reputation for the highest quality legal representation and skilled trial practice often enable us to secure more favorable pre-trial settlements for our clients than any of our competition. Once a decision has been made to try a case, however, we do so usually concluding with the best conclusion possible. We have tried cases in nearly every one of the 72 counties located in Wisconsin. Our attorneys will definitely not falter on courthouse steps. The exposure cases we have taken to trial range from potential values of five figures to well into the eight-figure range. We are known as skilled and extremely well-prepared trial attorneys in touch with and having a relationships with juries. They recognize that we are just like them with no arrogance and no condensing attitudes or comments to them or witnesses. Once a decision has been made to take a matter to trial opposing litigators and trial attorneys know there is a strong likelihood we will prevail at trial. We present juries with only straightforward honest credible evidence hiding nothing so they have the complete story. This has led to our clients collectively saving hundreds of millions of dollars over the last nearly twenty years of our existence. If a company or individual truly wants excellent lawyers to handle their problems, Emile Banks & Associates, LLC is the right choice.

Quality. Competence. Experience.


Practice Areas

  • Construction
    • Litigation
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    • Construction
    • Litigation
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Product Liability
    • Professional Liability/E&O/D&O
  • Litigation/Trials
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