You’ve Got Marketing Questions, and MBPC Has the Answers!

Submitted by the Marketing Best Practices Committee

The field of legal marketing has what can be an overwhelming number of components: branding, social media, website design and content, networking, and so much more. Throw in attorney credentials and targeted marketing to specific practice areas, and there’s a lot to keep track of! The marketing world is constantly shifting, and prospective marketers need to stay current on strategy trends. Fortunately, we’ve made this easier to do. Building on the marketing efforts of our member firms, we have created a committee that collects some of our great ideas and best practices: the NAMWOLF Marketing Best Practices Committee (“MBPC”)!

We know that not all NAMWOLF Law Firm Members have full-time marketing staff at their disposal, so we have created a forum where seasoned marketing professionals share insights and best practices with lawyers who are interested in taking their firm’s marketing to the next level. Our goal is to provide support, training, and advice regarding relevant marketing trends to NAMWOLF law firm members.

We are introducing a recurring Dear Fang column, where Law Firm Members can ask any questions that their firm may have about legal marketing. Law Firm Members may also share their own advice with other NAMWOLF firms. If you have any questions or advice that you would like to submit, please send them to We’re happy to respond to questions like “Are firm newsletters a thing of the past?” Here’s our first Dear Fang question and answer!

Dear Fang,

Our firm just did a major overhaul of our website 5 years ago. How important is it to do another update?

-Website Woes in Wisconsin

Dear Website Woes,

It’s crucial! A lot has changed in website technology and design standards over the past couple of years. Because a website may now be the first interaction a potential client has with a law firm, legal marketers are putting more emphasis on redesigns. The ingredients to a great site are clarity, brevity, engagement, and intuitive usability. The website needs to provide enough information without being boring or unnecessarily wordy, and it needs to be engaging to the potential client. A website layout that is less than intuitive may drive a potential client away in frustration. This year, at NAMWOLF’S 2016 Annual Meeting in Houston, the MBPC will be giving tips like these for an effective website. We will be moderating a panel of website and graphic design experts who will speak on how to improve your firm’s site.

The MBPC strives to provide clarification on new marketing strategies as well as improvements for strategies that our member firms may already be using through presentations and workshops at NAMWOLF Meetings. We discuss important and relevant topics to make sure that NAMWOLF Law Firm Members are up-to-date on the latest trends. Our past presentations include: “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: How to Keep Your Marketing Strategies Fresh for Any Generation;” “LinkedIn For Lawyers – Land a Leading Role on Your Client’s Newsfeed;” and “Prezi or PowerPoint – Pick Your Poison.” We welcome marketing professionals of all experience levels as members. If you have any questions about the NAMWOLF Marketing Best Practices Committee or would like more information about joining, please contact Anna Ludwig at or Katie Schultz at, and be sure to stop by our presentation at the Annual Meeting in September