Cross Marketing Successes

Cross Marketing Successes

By: Linda G. Burwell, PAC Oversight Director

I have had many cross marketing successes over the last several years when I was the co-owner of a women-owned employment law firm, and now over the last 1½ years since I sold my interest in that firm. Those successes included many referrals to other firms and many referrals to me. Some of the successes over the 1½ years since I narrowed my practice to begin working solely with in-house counsel and law firms in third party workplace investigations, mediation and monitoring, include:

1. A law firm member referred a national retailer to me to monitor a state-wide class action case that had been filed against the retailer in Michigan. A national big box employment firm represented the company in the litigation due to its experience in the specialized subject matter. I was hired by the general counsel to act as his de facto AGC during the pendency of the case. This engagement lasted for one year and had me strategizing in the defense and monitoring the national firm’s work.

2. A former out-of-state member firm hired me to conduct an independent third party investigation for one of its Michigan clients.

3. An out of state member firm consults with me on an on-going basis on various employment issues.

4. I have referred counsel whose clients have offices in different states to different member firms.

5. A local employment firm engaged me to mediate a Trade Secret / age discrimination case. This mediation occurred over the course of two weeks and was successfully resolved.

NAMWOLF is invaluable to its member firms for the relationships that are developed. Not only have I gained close personal friends over the years, I have also developed a strong network to whom I can refer clients and attorneys with confidence and that has also been a source of referrals for my practice. I encourage our member firms to continue to build these relationships, continue to explore the endless opportunities, and to spread the word about your successes as a model for others.

In addition to her many NAMWOLF roles, LINDA G. BURWELL formed National Employment Counsel, PLLC, to personally work with in-house attorneys, law firms and insurers. She specializes in independent workplace investigations, mediations, monitoring and consulting.