A Moment With Our Chair

By: Robin A. Wofford, Board Chair, NAMWOLF

Being Different Is What Makes Us the Best

I was asked to write a column for the NAMWOLF newsletter and began to think in earnest, “What should I say? What message do I want to share? “ The answer was simple; I wanted to explain why our uniqueness as individuals and business owners makes us such a powerful force in the legal profession. I wanted people to realize that our success as an organization and as individual firms is built on three very significant truths:

1. In order for this organization to succeed we must trust each other as if we were family, partners or co-workers.

2. We must respect each other’s differences and the struggles that got us here.

3. We must think of others before we think of ourselves.

This certainly sounds strange for a bar organization but in reality that is who we are and what attracts us to each other. We are different and we are using our differences to change the legal profession. NAMWOLF’s mission is to promote diversity in the legal profession by fostering successful relationships among preeminent minority and women owned law firms and private/public entities. Our core values are:

Excellence • Equality • Collaboration • Commitment • Integrity

Every one of us who volunteers time to help NAMWOLF succeed needs to be motivated by the higher purpose of helping to promote diversity and inclusion for all as opposed to just promoting your firm. As the saying goes, “It is better to give than receive.” It is so rewarding to attend a NAMWOLF meeting and watch members introduce other members to their clients. It is heartwarming to watch the passion exhibited by our in-house partners as they remain focused on creating opportunities for our firms. Finally, it is exhilarating to receive a call from a member firm letting you know that the referral you made to them worked out, and they now have a new client.

So for 2016 let us continue to be the preeminent bar organization that focuses on one another’s success and not just your own. One of the Board’s strategic goals over the next three years is to help the smaller firms in NAMWOLF succeed. In order to do this we are asking every member to ask themselves: “What can I do to help another firm succeed?” I promise you if you lend a hand, make a referral, ask a small firm to help on a specific part of a transaction, investigation or piece of litigation, you will make a difference. If you are going to do some training at a client’s office why not think about inviting another NAMWOLF firm from a different state or practice area to join you? Let’s continue to be different and help each other grow so we can continue to provide our corporate and public partners with the most talented, diverse and committed group of lawyers in the industry.

I look forward to seeing each of you at our Business and Annual Meetings and invite you to reach out to me and ask how you can help continue our mission, because together we can change the legal profession.


Robin A. Wofford is the Chair of the Board of Directors of NAMWOLF. She is a partner at Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP one of the largest WBENC certified women-owned trial law firms in California. Founded in 1991 Wilson Turner Kosmo represents clients throughout the state of California in a variety of industries including, manufacturing, retail, real estate, public entity, banking, transportation, oil and gas, technology, pharmaceutical, as well as several other industries.