5 Tips for Selecting a Theme for the Expo

By: Alicia Smith, Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP

It can be tricky to come up with a vibrant and memorable theme. As with most trade shows, NAMWOLF exhibitors strive to create a booth that stands out among the group and draws attendees’ interest. The annual meeting and expo provides firms the opportunity to show off their distinctiveness and incorporate a little bit of fun.

When firms participate in the expo, they dedicate time, effort and money, so it is important to maximize that investment. In order for firms to build a solid thematic concept that will fit its marketing objectives, they need a bit of strategic thought and some pre-planning. Here are some tips for selecting a memorable expo theme:

1. Branding. What is a better representation of your firm than your own branding? Bring banner stands, one-sheeters, business cards, and other marketing materials that incorporate your firm’s areas of practice, key slogans, and photos. This way, if clients browse your website after meeting you, your firm is immediately identifiable.

2. Location. While brainstorming a theme, research any cool nicknames, attractions, or historical events that are within the city of the conference and incorporate them into your theme. If you want to show your hometown pride, incorporate key identifiers of the state, city, or metropolitan area where your firm resides (sports teams, landmarks, etc.). It is an easy way to create a memorable booth.

3. Pop Culture. What’s trending in pop culture? Grab the audience’s attention by incorporating the funniest memes, craziest videos, or most-popular songs. They won’t be able to stay away! Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

4. Swag. Cater your theme around your swag giveaway. If your firm is giving away a new gadget, make your theme more tech related. If your item is perfect for tailgating, incorporate sports into your theme. Everyone will be running to your booth to see the hot, new swag!

5. Be You. The law firm expo gives law firms and in-house counsel a chance to meet in person and become acquainted. This is your opportunity to show in-house counsel the things that you can’t quite say in just a website or a brochure. Show off the culture of the firm and begin creating relationships!

Some NAMWOLF firms tie their expo theme together by offering food or non-alcoholic drinks at their booth. While this can be a great way to attract visitors and set your firm apart, remember that NAMWOLF issues new law firm expo rules for each annual meeting, as each hotel has its own requirements. At many expos, food and beverages must be purchased and served through the hotel’s catering service. In recent years, NAMWOLF has also provided a lunch buffet during the law firm expo. Be sure to check the rules early in order to ensure your booth is a success.

No matter what you choose, have fun with your theme and make it about the interest of your audience. Once you engage their curiosity and have them involved in an activity and conversation, pitch a little about your firm and what distinguishes you from others. When looking for a law firm, they just might remember your booth at the expo and contact your firm.

Alicia Smith is a Marketing Consultant with Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP. She provides marketing, business development proposals, brand development, communication design, and social media services.